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At last..

So Drumstrang has fallen at last. It seems that I was one of the fortunate few to know that Geint was part of it. Hearing that stupidity, I was able to make my way out before any major damage. Any one who wishes to align themselves with the Dark Lord is amazingly stupid, and most likely touched in the head. Mein Gott, it trouble me to think that there are so many stupid people in this world. I have contacted Prfessor Dumbledore of Hogwarts asking if i can continue my education there. As little as i care for it, it is better to finish such triffles. I hear that if i attend Hogwarts, I shall go through a sorting ceromony. Here is what i've heard of the four houses:
Gryffindors: there are reckless and a bit egotistical
Ravenclaw: Smart with books, but not much else
Hufflepuff: Most of these seem to be barely above a Quibb
Slytherin: They assoicate themselves with the Dark Arts (stupid, stupid people) but are extremely ambitious, which I find appealing...

Ah, my cat, Schuldich, seems to have found my old transfiguration book useful as a sharpenning tool. I always knew it must've been good for something.
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